Logistics is more than successful storage and transportation of products. JEWA offers more – a needs-based and individual logistics service for every customer.

Maximum flexibility

JEWA has high storage capacities in order to keep your products available on demand. As a result, the shortest delivery times for flexible batch sizes are possible down to just-in-time delivery. A variety of delivery options ensure you have maximum flexibility:

  •  KANBAN systems
  •  Delivery schedule systems
  •  Consignment stock
  •  C-parts management

During the course of component assembly, we undertake the necessary procurement logistics and thus significantly reduce your effort. As a result, we create space for our customers to devote themselves fully to their core business.


Speed with a system

Systematic production logistics for our manufacturing processes in combination with supplementary external processes guarantee efficient and timely handling of your orders. With our delivery vehicles, supplemented by external carriers, we are able to provide quick and reliable deliveries. The result: we deliver on-demand and on time – just-in-time as required.