We support you in bringing your ideas to life with our know-how and accompany you through the development and design of your turned parts, milled parts or components. All aspects are precisely coordinated right from the outset with regard to functionality and economy. This begins from design optimisation – and continues seamlessly into manufacturing.

Design optimisation

As a service provider working in partnership, JEWA also provides support in design optimisation. If you only have a rough idea, a sketch or a model of your product, we provide advice with regard to the design and digitise your ideas. Generally speaking, however, the respective client provides us with technical drawings or design plans. We guarantee well-founded advice in all cases, for example with regard to the right choice of material or optimisation of the design for more cost-effective manufacturing – in consultation with our customers, of course.

CAD/CAM – Computer-aided design/manufacturing

For optimal support of all manufacturing processes, JEWA uses state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software. Digital 3D models are created on the basis of the design data for the part to be manufactured and the corresponding manufacturing processes are programmed. We thus achieve the best performance from our machines, as well as smart production processes, for our customers.


CAD/CAM programming optimises and speeds up production, particularly for components with more complex geometries. Furthermore, the networking of all fields – from the ERP system through digital tool and test tool management and quality management to digital production control – allows for highest efficiency and absolute traceability.