CNC turning

Alongside CNC milling, electrical discharge machining and component assembly, CNC turning is one of our core competencies. With our wide range of high-tech machinery and our experienced team, we are ideally equipped for almost all of our customers’ requirements – from simple to complex geometries. We machine a wide variety of materials with partial or full automation. We thus manufacture the full spectrum, from prototypes through to large volumes, quickly and in the highest quality.

We take the right turn

  • Bar machining up to ø 65 mm
    Turning length: up to 660 mm
  • Chuck parts up to ø 430 mm
    Turning length: up to 1200 mm
  • Partially and fully automated complete assembly
  • Robot automation up to a piece weight of 35 kg
  • Simultaneous turning and milling machining with up to 13 axes
  • From prototype to series part

We manufacture high-precision components of the highest quality with our partially and fully automated lathes and lathe/milling machines. The volumes range from sample parts through to mass production – from simple to highly complex. An experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment ensure the quality of every workpiece.

Complete machining of complex geometries

Our machines are equipped with fully automated bar loaders, counter spindles, driven tools and various special equipment. We are thus able to guarantee highly efficient production. Furthermore, our machines have an additional C and Y axis through to a fully integrated milling spindle in order to implement milling in the same clamp. Thanks to this CNC complete machining with up to 13 axes, we can not only manufacture more precisely and quickly for you, we can also do it very cost-effectively.